Make Money Gaming Bet on your Xbox, PC & Playstation Games.

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What is Piranhr?

A free to use, online betting platform and social network for gamers.

Create head to head challenges. Public or private.

Play your friends or connect with opponents from around the world.

Don't pay commission. Whatever you win, you take home.

How does it work?

Make Money Gaming: Step 1

Accept a challenge or create your own. Play against anyone in the world.

Make Money Gaming: Step 2

Play your game, take the upper hand. Win.

Make Money Gaming: Step 3

Follow the link in the SMS, tell us who won and the winner takes all.


Always wanted to make money playing games with your friends? With Piranhr, you can. Choose from any multiplayer game on PC, Playstation or Xbox platforms.

We are constantly adding the latest games to Piranhr, so for a full list of supported games head over to our games page.

Games on Piranhr

Common Questions

Can I really bet on any game?

Absolutely. If a game has multiplayer functionality, then you can bet on it with Piranhr. Even an arcade machine game.

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How much does it cost?

Nothing! Piranhr is absolutely free to use for up to 5 bets per month. We don't charge commission on bets, and there are no deposit fees.

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Is my money secure?

Deposits on Piranhr are handled through secure connections, and all payments are made with full PCI compliancy.

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What if my opponent is cheating?

We know some gamers aren't fair, and use cheats to try and glorify themselves. If cheating is suspected, you should contact us immediately.

Reporting a user for abuse