1 – Find a Wager

Use our search to find a wager that suits you. Our unique skill algorithm will show you wagers you have the best chance of winning.

2 – Play Match

Get on your favourite platform, Xbox, PlayStation or PC and play against your opponent.

3 – Take Winnings

Once the match is complete and the outcome is verified, your winnings will be transferred directly to your account.

FIFA 18 - Play now for cash with PiranhrFIFA17 - Now supported by Piranhr

Why Piranhr?

Fast Conflict Resolution

Any conflicts are resolved quickly and with minimal fuss to you, this ensures you can get back to playing as soon as possible.

Super Support

With average response times for customer queries under 15 minutes, we make sure any issues you have are resolved fast.

Unique Skill System

Our unique skill system, based upon the ELO algorithm, allows us to match you with opponents of similar abilities. This means you have the best chance of winning each wager.

Clear Fees

With market-leading fees of just 10% per wager won, Piranhr allows you to maximise the profit you make playing FIFA.

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