All Systems Go!

Nearly 4 years in the making, we are really excited to launch Piranhr today!


What is Piranhr?

Piranhr is a platform that allows you to challenge other gamers and win real money.


How do wagers work?

You and your partner agree a wager amount, for example £5.  When the wager is accepted, £5 is taken from your account and £5 is taken from your opponents account, forming a total prize pool of £10.  Upon completion of the wager, the winner will win £9, which is then sent to your account and no further fees or commission is taken.


Can I play in a team?

Not yet!  We are really excited about adding the ability for teams to play against each other, and it is something we will be working on very soon, but for now it is just 1v1.


What are the benefits of using Piranhr?

There are several reasons why using Piranhr is more beneficial than directly wagering with people yourself…

  • Our team of moderators actively police all wagers where a dispute is raised, and we carefully review the evidence to ensure that you can not be scammed.  Rest assured, when you wager on Piranhr, your money is safe.
  • Our website users are all looking for the same thing as you – to play games and make money.  This means you don’t have to search for people to play, we already have them right here!


How do I know I am playing against somebody with a similar skill level to myself?

This is something we have thought a lot about.  We know nothing is worse than playing against someone significantly better than you, especially if there is money at stake.  We are currently developing several features that will give you a lot more information on your opponent, and showing their skill level.


Which games are supported?

At the moment, we really want to focus on getting the base of Piranhr to be the best it can be.  We are launching and supporting FIFA 15 and FIFA 16.  We feel like FIFA is the ideal game to support as it is primarily 1v1, and there is already a wager community.  We are hoping to expand to new games in the coming months, and if you have any suggestions we would love to hear them.


Does Piranhr cost me anything?

Piranhr is completely free to use.  We earn our money by taking a small percentage (10%) out of the total winnings of each wager.  For example, if you have a wager for £5, the total wager prize pool will be £10 (your £5 and your competitors £5).  Once the winner is declared, they would win £9.  We feel this is very fair – when you deposit £10, you get £10 in your account, and if you withdraw £10 of winnings, you will get £10 back to your bank account.  We are researching ways to reward regular users, and based on user feedback this may change in future.


Will there be any premium features?

In the future, we are planning on adding pro account features.  We are researching what this will include, and we have no intention of making Piranhr a premium only platform.


I have other questions

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us from within the dashboard.  We will be writing posts weekly detailing what we are working on, as well as guides on how to use Piranhr effectively.

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