We’re back!

After a 5 month interlude, we are pleased to announce Piranhr is back! Since June we have increased our efforts, added new features, squashed bugs and made it altogether easier for you to wager on your FIFA matches.


After a successful launch in March, we managed to grow Piranhr to over 2,200 active users in a couple of months. In that time we processed £1,500 worth of wagers, paying out most of this to our users. Growth was increasing and we seemed to be in a good position. So what went wrong?


We have always struggled to find a reliable payment gateway. Whilst many excellent products exist, Piranhr is seen as having increased risk. This means the big providers, like PayPal, want to see big transaction volumes before they will consider businesses of this type. In total, we have applied for 12 payment providers and been accepted by 3. The first of which shut down a week before our planned launch.


In January we came across what seemed to be a great provider, a startup like us. They assured us there would be no issue with our business. We moved ahead and initially had a successful launch. You may be able to see where this is going.


Roll forward to May and we received an email from our provider, notifying us they could no longer support us. The reasons were understandable. Their merchant providers had changed terms of use, which categorised our business as high-risk. We had just two weeks notice that services would be terminated. That meant two weeks to find and integrate with a new provider (never going to happen!).


We took the decision at this point to take Piranhr down until we had secured a solution to our payment woes. Whilst we were immensely disappointed by this, we felt at the time it was the only option. On reflection, we could have taken a different route. Perhaps opting to continue to run Piranhr, but without the real-money aspect.


That brings us to now, we are ready to launch (again) with a new provider. As a result, things are a little different, but we are now in a position to continue our mission: to make eSports accessible to everyone.


Key changes:

  • Credit System – Site now uses a credit based, not currency based system.
  • Payments are handled by Neteller. This requires you to have a Neteller account first (works just like PayPal). For more information about Neteller, see our FAQs.
  • Withdrawals are fully automated – no more waiting for us to send you your winnings!
  • Wager timing rules – we’ve added rules into the system to ensure that wager timings are fairer. Wagers will now automatically be resolved if a player is unresponsive.
  • Skill system – Players are now rated using our skill algorithm to ensure you have the best chance of winning.
  • Global chat – You can now chat with anybody who is online, we hope this will make it easier to setup wagers.
  • And of course, you can now wager in FIFA17.


Bonus: As a thank you for sticking with us we’ll give you £5 worth of credits to use when you next log in. 


Let us know what you think about the changes, we’d love to hear your comments.

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