How do I deposit funds into my account?

In order to create or accept a wager you must have at least the wager amount in your account. Depositing funds into your account can be done from the Deposit Page and can be done in 3 easy steps.

First, enter the amount you wish to deposit into your account, please note the minimum deposit is £5.

Once you have entered the amount, you must select your chosen method. We currently support both PayPal and Neteller as deposit options. Please note you must have funds in your Neteller account before you can deposit into your Piranhr account. You can sign up for a Neteller account here.

Finally, you can review the amount and press ‘Confirm Order’. Upon doing so you will be transferred to the secure Neteller payment page in order to complete the transaction.

Once the transaction has processed and we have received confirmation of payment, your account balance will be updated and you will be able to begin creating and accepting wagers.

Can I report a user?

Yes you can. If you believe your opponent in a wager was cheating, or wasn’t playing in the spirit of our terms and conditions then you can report them in the ‘player reports’ section of the website, or alternatively send us an email.

Is this gambling?

No. To put it simply, wagering on the outcome of a video game is classed as ‘Skill gaming’, and as such is not gambling.

For further information please read our terms and conditions.

Can I lose money?

Yes. By using Piranhr you are accepting the risk that you may lose money. We give you as much information as possible to allow you to make better informed choices. We are also working on additional features to help you find better matches.

Do I have to provide evidence for every match?

Although you do not have to upload evidence to complete a wager, we recommend that you record evidence for each match, just in case there is a dispute over the outcome.

What is accepted as evidence?

Our recommendation is to make the outcome of your match as clear as possible in any evidence you provide. The best form of evidence is a video of the whole match, that allows our moderators to easily verify that both players are who they have said they are, and that the results provided are true to the outcome of the match.

We know that its not always possible to record every match you play, so we are also happy to accept a screenshot of the end of match scorecard.

What platforms are supported?

We support all previous, and current generation platforms:

  • Playstation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • PC
What games can I play with Piranhr?

Piranhr was built around FIFA. We currently have support for FIFA18 and FIFA17. We do have plans to add more games to our lineup, however unlike many platforms it is not as simple as just adding the games icon to the site. We hope to release a new game every 3 months, however this isn’t always possible. Be sure to follow our blog for updates, and let us know what game you would like us to add next.

What if my opponents fakes evidence that they have won?

Fabricating evidence of the outcome of a match on Piranhr is against our terms and conditions. As such, anybody found doing so will be banned from Piranhr indefinitely.

If you believe somebody has fabricated evidence of the outcome of a match, you can report them via the ‘player reports’ section of the website. Alternatively you can get in touch by email and we will investigate your report

Can I play in a team?

Currently, Piranhr is only for 1v1 matches. However team games are a feature we are really keen to build as soon as possible. Make sure you follow our blog for updates, and let us know if you have any ideas for team games. We’d love to hear from you.

What is Piranhr?

Piranhr is a social network and wagering platform for gamers. Piranhr allows you to play games for real money against other gamers.