Piranhr is a community, reliant on each member playing by the rules. These rules are in place to ensure all members fair and unbiased usage of the service, and to protect them from potential cheaters. Players who break the rules repeatedly will face penalties, up to and including permanent banning of the player from Piranhr.

Accept Defeat

It is inevitable that at some point you will come up against an opponent that has the edge and manages to beat you. When this happens, accept it and report the score truthfully. You lost, even the best do, learn from your mistakes, improve, then challenge them to a rematch.

Be Respectful

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless banter between you and your opponent, provided it remains harmless and fun.

Be Truthful

Never be untruthful about the outcome of a wager. Aside from being against our terms and conditions, it’s just dumb. The true result almost always comes out, and by falsifying the result you may end up being banned from Piranhr.

Be Responsive

Nobody likes waiting around. Always be responsive to your opponent, whatever stage your wager is at, ensure you respond to any messages or requests from your opponent promptly.

Wager Timings

Piranhr has strict time limits in place to ensure players are not left waiting around for their opponent.

Once the wager is accepted the first timer begins.

  • Users must play the match within 3 hours of the wager being accepted
  • Once one player reports the outcome, the opponent has 30 minutes to respond. If the opponent does not respond in 30 minutes, the first reporter will automatically be marked as the winner.
  • If a wager is in conflict, both players have 24 hours to respond with evidence of the outcome. If both players fail to provide evidence within 24 hours the match will be marked as a draw.